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Child Sponsorship

In this program we us use to help and support the unreached, poor, unprivileged and helpless children in our society. They’ve been suffered by lack of resources. Our ministry supports them by prayer, school fees, stationary and financial help.

Out Reach Ministries

River of Life Ministries is based on Outreach Ministries. We are In the Location of Mountain. Where the people are not reachable every time. In this reason, our leaders they go outreach and pioneer the work in the unreached areas of Shimla as well as Himachal Pradesh.

Women Ministry

River of life is always look opportunity to bring women first in the Ministry. Everywhere you go you will get the 33% market place you will found this true.So, River of life ministries also keeps women on high priority.God had a special purpose for Mary’s life.

Youth Ministries

As we all know that youths and youngsters are the Future of every Society. Understanding this universal truth, we River of life Ministries works among the Youths of the Community. We use to Organise Worship meetings, Prayer get together and fasting prayer etc.


As you are looking at our Website, if you don’t know JESUS as your Saviour lord Simply pray the following prayer in Faith and Jesus will be your LORD! “Heavenly father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus.

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Our Vision “Win the lost at any cost”

Year 2010 November God gave a vision to me, I saw a river and inside the river many deceased people, were coming and getting healing. Many paralyses, skin deceased and even deadly deceased people were getting healed.

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Our Sunday Meeting

Sunday, Morning, Meetings,11am to 01:00pm Our Main Sunday Morning meetings includes worship, teaching and Prayer worship service.

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