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About River of Life church

River of Life Ministries Commenced on 27th November 2010, meeting in local meeting place and came a conclusion to Registreat with Himachal Pradesh Government. WE are a Family Church, where people have a personal relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In accordance with New Testament principles & Teachings. It is a place where we can support one another as we reach out in love and kindness. We are a Bible believing Church whose people love Jesus Christ and move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Christianity is not any religion but it is a relationship with God through the Jesus Christ, by the power of indwelling Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides, comforts, counselled, encourage and empower us. With the spirit of God in our hearts our relationship with the Lord is alive, vibrant and full of faith and Joy.

The emphasis in the Church in the Church is one of the discipleship and prayer, building the people up in their faith to grow in their Understanding that they are equipped to reach out to their friends, family and community with the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus. There has been and always will be the pioneering aspect in the church of reaching out to the lost and the lonely. As an independent Church, River of Life endeavours to be one that is loving and righteous, fulfilling the Great commands that Jesus taught. We are involved in world mission and financially help and support several Christian agencies. We are member of Evangelical alliance. We are the Church that believes in sowing and reaping. We aim to release people in there gifting, training and equipping them to find their place to serve in the Church.

We believe that God Has given us a vision, to use the Christian Life centre as a means to reaching out to the local community and also as a conference centre for anointed ministry and teaching to equipe the wider Church.

Statement of Doctrine

* The Unity to the God head and the divine Co- equality of the father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The sovereignty of God in creation, providence and redemption.

* The true and proper duty of our Lord Jesus Christ; his virgin birth; his real and perfect manhood; the authority of his utterances; his work of atonement for sinners of Mankind by his vicarious suffering, his death, bodily-resurrection and his ascension into Heaven; His present Priestly intercession for his people.

* The full inspiration of the Holy-scriptures; their authority and sufficiency as not only containing but being in themselves the word of God; the Reliability of the New testament in its testimony to the character and authority of the Old testament nd the need of the Holy Spirit to a True and Spiritual understanding of the whole.

* The Reality of Original Sin in convenes of the fall and the necessity of Regeneration.

* The justification of the sinner solely by faith through the atoning merits of our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ.

* The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in the conversion and sanctification; also in the ministry in the worship and in the exercising of spiritual gifts through the body of believers.