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Children Ministry

As we said earlier, Christianity is not any religion but it is a relationship with God. Who is creater of Human Ė being. As a Human being, we understand the values of Godís creation. God had given us the burden for Children who are strives to nurure, protect and care. The destitute children, who are left in the streets and also the children from poor and broken families. We want to teach them about God and hos creation, plans, and willings from our life. In this metter, auth as a Church of God every person must be creative & active in the Kingdom God. Our Leaders works as Volunteer. They decided to serve Jesus through Kids. They go and creat a center and bring together 15- 30 children in one place. Teaching them Love of God through the action songs, bible stories and helping puzzels and christian games. Also we help them in their studies during the Classes in weeks. Our Leaders reach there parents and follow them in Christ and call in the Church, en-courage them to understand good and practical moral life

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