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Our Ministry pages

* Life Groups

River of Church meets together as one big family on Sundays. However during the week, smaller groups, called Life Group, meets for fellowship, worship, prayer, breaking of bread, application of the word and much more. They are an ideal opportunity to build friendships through encouragement, support and accountability, they enable us to grow in the Christian faith. Life Groups meet in Shimla. Most groups meet n evening (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays), there is also Wednesday morning group and a Thursday afternoon group.

* Children Home

River of Life Children home is located at Shimla, HimachalPradesh. It is warm and caring place for the destitute and the neglected children. The River of Life Children home was registered as a charitable society on November 27th 2010River of life strives to nurture, protect, care the destitute children who are left in the streets and also children from poor and broken families. Its purpose is to promote the total development of children through Loving care in a homely atmosphere with adequate nutrition and healthy Social interaction.And to educate all children till they are old and enough Mature to venture out independently.

* Our Out Reach Ministries

River of Life Ministries is based on Outreach Ministries. We are In the Location of Mountain. Where the people are not reachable every time. In this reason, our leaders they go outreach and pioneer the work in the unreached areas of Shimla as well as Himachal Pradesh. We are planning to start one outreach ministry among the Pahari communities, Pinjabi communities, Bihari Communities, Nepali Communities and the Gaddis. We Equip the Leaders among their own Community. To understand their need and stand the Gap of their Community. So, River of Life is very much privillaged to work among the Society.

* Women Ministry

River of life is always look opportunity to bring women first in the Ministry. Everywhere you go you will get the 33% market place you will found this true. So, River of life ministries also keeps women on high priority. If you look by God’s side, God had a special purpose for Mary’s life. He used Mary’s life to be born in this world. If God wouldn’t thought about women, why he would use Mary for Jesus to be born. God said that Lady will be the helper of man. By understanding the God’s thinking, River of Life always gives opportunity to women. In our Church, till 2010-2014 our church is filled by ladies.

* Social Welfare Ministry

Medical Camp, Food Distribution, Culture Activities, Blood Donation Camp, Aids Awareness Class.

* Church Child Sponsorship Program

In this program we have decided to helps support the weaker section of our society poor, unprivileged and he, they have been suffered by lack of resources. Our Ministry supports them by prayer, school fees, stationary and some financial help as a monthly regular help. There are so many peoples in our church who are very much needy. They can’t afford for their meal for a day even

* Children ministry

As we said earlier, Christianity is not any religion but it is a relationship with God. Who is creater of Human – being. As a Human being, we understand the values of God’s creation. God had given us the burden for Children who are strives to nurure, protect and care. The destitute children, who are left in the streets and also the children from poor and broken families. We want to teach them about God and hos creation, plans, and willings from our life. In this metter, auth as a Church of God every person must be creative & active in the Kingdom God. Our Leaders works as Volunteer.

* Leadership development Conferences

These Team workers (Life Group Leaders) are responsible for the Pastoral care of the Members of their cell/life groups. This Pastoral care Team, led by Ps. Rakesh Salhotra, who offers pastoral care in our own Local Church and also in other Churches which are located in the different parts of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and India also. This includes home and Hospitals visiting and the offers of practical and spiritual support.

* Counseling Classes

Broken marriage solution Class, Family problems, Failure Avoiding Camps classes, Financial advisory Classes, Encouragement Classes.