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Women Ministry

River of life is always look opportunity to bring women first in the Ministry. Everywhere you go you will get the 33% market place you will found this true.
So, River of life ministries also keeps women on high priority. If you look by Godís side, God had a special purpose for Maryís life. He used Maryís life to be born in this world. If God wouldnít thought about women, why he would use Mary for Jesus to be born. God said that Lady will be the helper of man. By understanding the Godís thinking, River of Life always gives opportunity to women. In our Church, till 2010-2014 our church is filled by ladies. If I describe in percentage in our church, 60% members are ladies! By boosting them we create the good society. Our Ministry conducts Women Seminars and Encouragement Programs in our Church. By using them in the Quire and giving them other ministerial responsibilities, we let them understand that how much they are important in the Ministries.

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